Design and Develop


In current approaches to software development, a team storyboards a software solution using design tools. Then, it is off to a different set of tools where developers code out the idea. Finally, the team regroups to see the efforts of the developers.

While this is a great and effective tool to keep people focused and on track, why not remove a few steps? With VISION, not only can you have this same type of collaboration, but as you build out your storyboard, you are building the software solution and seeing it run instantly: all within the same tool.


Development Process

VISION means you no longer have to code, verify syntax, compile, debug, document, wash, rinse and repeat.

Every step of the development process in VISION, from design to implementation to distribution, is done by connecting parts together.

No More

Re-inventing the Wheel

As you build out your software solutions in VISION, it only gets easier. The parts of your software that you have created can be turned into templates which can be re-used. There is no longer a need to re-invent the same things over and over again!

With VISION, we have written an awesome framework which allows you to focus on your solutions and not our development platform.

IT Education

For Everyone

Learning to write software is really hard because students need to learn how to solve problems using a "programming mindset" and learn the idiosyncratic syntax that is coding at the same time. VISION solves this problem by allowing students to learn how to think like a programmer without having to learn how to code. This allows the student to focus on problem solving without having to learn the variations of programming languages and compilers.

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