Interface Vision

We are here to serve the software development community by providing awesome software development and learning tools.

We fully understand the frustration that designers, developers and users feel during the development process. We want to remove those frustrations by creating a product that allows for collaboration by everyone at every step in the software fulfillment process.

We fully understand how frustrating it can be when it comes to learning how to develop software. We want to remove that frustration by allowing students to focus on their problem solving skills through programming.

Eric Hosick


Eric Hosick received his CS degree from San Jose State University and Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. At the age of 16, Eric was involved in his first startup. Today, and 25 years of technology and leadership experience later, Eric is focusing on fundamentally new ways of approaching software development and IT education.

Building on his experiences, Eric hopes to build out an amazing team that will bring out truly awesome development tools and educational products for aspiring software visionaries.

Eric Hosick (@erichosick)

Chris Hylton


Chris Hylton is the visionary behind sales, marketing and customer growth at Interface Vision. Chris has a deep understanding of the challenges that the software development community faces. This deep understanding, along with his experience in building out successful teams which have financially turned around companies through improved customer service and sales, means Interface Vision will remain customer focused.

Upon joining Interface Vision, Chris was able to immediately steer the direction of Interface Vision to a more financially viable, customer oriented company, with the goal of opening up the world of technology to the minds and imagination of the masses.

Chris Hylton (@cmhylton)

Kevin Beattie

Server Infrastructure

Kevin Beattie received his CNA degree from Bergen College and is the "man behind the curtain" for Interface Vision's server infrastructure. Having spent nearly a decade working in IT for industry titans across the United States and Silicon Valley at well known brands, such as Ricoh and Netflix, Kevin brings to Interface Vision his vast years of experience and technical know-how, to help transform software development, and eventually open programming to the masses.

Kevin Beattie